Foreo – LUNA mini 2 & LUNA 3 Men

LUNA mini 2 - £99
LUNA 3 MEN - £ 169

As well as reviewing the new ISSA 2, we also received a couple of fun accessories from Foreo – both from a line of the company’s facial cleansing devices. The first was the LUNA mini 2, a facial cleanser that applies Foreo’s sonic pulse technology to scrubbing your face clean.

Similar to the logic of the electric toothbrush being superior to the manual brush, the LUNA mini 2 – and all of Foreo’s LUNA range – applies the same idea to cleaning your face. The company suggests you use the LUNA mini 2 either as part of your morning routine or as a gym bag essential for cleaning up after a workout. Its silicone bristles pulse 8,000 times a minute, designed to get right into your pores and clean off sweat, makeup, dead skin, and anything else making your face feel heavy and unclean. At the same time as getting your face more effectively cleaned than a scrub with a flannel ever could, it also gives a massage that firms your skin up at the same time.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure about the mini 2, but it feels fantastic, and your skin does feel incredibly clean afterwards! Like Foreo’s brushes, it has 16 different pulsation speeds and is 100% waterproof. Also like their brushes, it has an extremely good battery life; It can run 650 times on a single charge – that’s almost two uses a day for a year!

The LUNA mini 2 comes in Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Pearl Pink, Mint, Sunflower Yellow and Midnight.

LUNA 3 MEN - £ 169

The LUNA 3 is available for men and women. We only received the men’s version, but the main differences seem to be that this version has been modified to allow the bristles to clean your facial hair as well as your face. Its long touchpoints and large brush head allow you to really get in there, getting your facial hair clean and soft at the same time as giving your skin a good cleansing scrub. As well as toning skin, this can also lead to a smoother shave. You can even sync it with the Foreo App, though I really can’t see why you would need to.

The LUNA 3 MEN seems to only be available in black, which seems a little unfair, but for the same price you can get the extremely similar (if not almost identical) LUNA in pink, blue or purple, which are made for regular skin, combination ski and sensitive skin respectively.



Long battery lives
Hygienic silicone
Comfortable to use
16 speed settings
More efficient clean

Is there a difference between LUNA 3 and LUNA 3 MEN other than size?