Father’s Day LUNA 2 for Men Ask the expert:

Pre and post-shaving skincare tips for men by Chris Luckham, FOREO Education Specialist So shaving for many men can be not only a chore, but a risk to our skin. For those of us who suffer with sensitive skin, razor bumps, rash or ingrown hairs? I can relate, so these tips are sure to help for either you or someone special!

Exfoliation is key before shaving, not only will you reduce the risk of ingrown hairs but you also remove any dead skin cells which wouldn’t create a smooth surface. Using a LUNA first hand does all of this and more by making the hairs lift up from the facial contours to make them easier to swipe off, with ‘drumroll please’ zero irritation to the skin! Let the shave cream do the work, it’s not just there to lubricate the skin, it also softens stubble! It’s your ally. Let it stick around for a while and brush your teeth while it’s doing its work. Acne-prone skin? Sometimes electric razors can help! Try both and see what works best, however the tips above and a lighter-handed way of shaving should really help! Slow down! Make sure to limit each stroke to around an inch or so at a time and rinse between each. This makes sure the blade is as empty to remove as much as possible each stroke!

Post shave - make sure the water you rinse with is as cold as it can be!

Then using the LUNA 2 for men if you have one, (or if not, use your hands) click the universal button to activate the lower intensity settings (keep these low, so feel free to reduce the intensity even further) and apply a calming serum or oil to the skin, look for ceramide, CBD or aloe vera rich formulas apply in sweeping motions to not bunch up the skin by doing this in circles, mimic the same method of application when coating the skin in your second coat, SPF and you are good to go! Ask the expert: How to clean your beard Firstly, those with handsome beards never wash them daily. Don’t be tempted to use the products you’d use on your head. Specific care is needed. If you over-dry the beard area with harsh stripping shampoos, you run the risk of more breakage, scraggly hairs pointing in all directions, and an unhealthy/matted look. Either choose a beard conditioner or make sure you incorporate a balm or oil.

Some great recommendations from Beardtube is that for shorter beards, use oil! For longer beards, use balm! Reference - Beard recommendations here