Edifier TWS1 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

It’s hard to go wrong with Edifier headphones, and there earbuds have proven to be no exception. The TWS1 Pro earbuds offer some of the latest in Qualcomm technology to provide noise cancelling, reliable mirror transmission and a strong, balanced sound delivery in a pair of buds that I find comfortable and easy to wear. Let’s break down what they bring to the table.

First off, before diving into the sound, let’s talk about the fit. I struggle with a lot of ear buds - they often don’t feel comfortable in my ear, and I especially have difficulty if the body of the buds are too heavy. I have a housemate with a set of pricey and a set of cheap buds, and I only ever borrow the cheapies, because the better-quality ones are too bulky and fall straight out of my ear! These buds, though, are a light, compact design that work really well with your ear shape. No faff, no extra clips or cords to keep them in place - just all the easy and comfort you would want from an ideal earbud set.

As for the sound quality, these earbuds nail the importance of a rich bass without losing the finer details of your music. Edifier achieved this using a PU+ titanium diaphragm that is able to distinguish differences between frequencies within the earbuds, including human voice. Edifier has also used Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive decoding technology for these buds, which provides audio playback with zero delays and no loss of detail. Qualcomm technology has also been used in the buds’ mirroring, using TrueWirelessTM Mirroring technology to allow seamless role swapping between buds, switching between single or double buds etc. Finally, Qualcomm cVcTM 8.0 noise cancellation means that phone calls come through clearly and without distracting ambient noise - perfect for me, as I tend to take a lot of admin calls whilst dog walking.

At a full charge, you can get 12 hours of play per bud, or a 42 hour total play. One thing I always appreciate in wireless headphones is an effective Fast Charge option. I often forget to put them on charge, and only remember when I’m packing to head out! The charge case of the TWS1 Pro is able to be switched into this mode, decreasing charge time by 55%, meaning it only takes 40 minutes to get a full charge!

I was impressed to see the TWS1 Pro’s IP rating. I was expecting around a IP54, but it actually rates at IP65, meaning they are regarded completely ‘dust tight’ and should be totally safe from water such as rain or sweat. Aka, they’re proofed against the life of an earbud!

These buds use Bluetooth V5.2, which has a lower power consumption to previous Bluetooth versions, as well as faster transmission and fast less chance of dropping your connection. 

All in all, I was very impressed by these little buds. They’ve got everything you need, and at a higher quality than I expected for the price bracket. I’ve seen buds for double this price offer a lot less, and prove far less comfortable to wear.



Well balanced audio
Noise cancelling
Good battery life
Fast Charge
Comfortable, simple fit
Reliable Bluetooth V5.2
Smooth switching between buds
Good price for the quality