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I don’t know about you, but I’m frankly delighted that the days of wired electronic products are quickly being put behind us. With Bluetooth headphones, wireless charging for phones and tablets, and products that take batteries are slowly (but gladly) becoming redundant. However, we aren’t quite there yet. My phone still uses a wired charger, my laptop is plugged into the charger as I write this, and my headphones (though they’re Bluetooth) are plugged into the laptop.

Whilst I dream of better days and of a completely wireless future, Bluelounge has created the CableBox Mini Station to satisfy my desires for clutter-free order around my workspace and elsewhere in the house. Wires are a sore sight for eyes anywhere, whether under the TV cabinet, on the kitchen counter, or just on your desk. The CableBox Mini Station is thoughtfully designed so that power strips, chargers, and other wires can be hidden discreetly inside it. This is nothing new in particular and is similar to other products such as wire tubes that neatly organise a whole bunch of wires into one uniform row. Not that this is a criticism of the CableBox Mini Station however – as a clean surface is desirous.

Bluelounge has made sure that the CableBox Mini Station is big enough to fit a multiplug inside it, so it isn’t the smallest or most discreet item in the world, but this is where the beauty of the design comes into play. On the top, there are ridges that can be used to hold a variety of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. These ridges have small holes beneath them, so you can thread your charger through and therefore have these particular electronic devices on charge whilst also being neatly mounted on top of the CableBox Mini Station. I can think of many uses that this would have.  If you mounted a tablet on top of the CableBox, this could be very suitable if you’re in the kitchen following an online recipe, or simply just watching a video on a streaming service. So whatever way you use a phone or tablet – I am sure you could find a benefit of having the CableBox Mini Station.

Alongside being an incredibly convenient product, you can also be reassured that it is an incredibly safe one too. Made from flame-retardant plastic, you will have peace of mind that it won’t burst into flames should you have any particular faults with your multiplug. Fortunately, sparks coming out of the multiplug tend to be a thing of the past nowadays but then again, you can never be too careful!

It is a delight to see products such as this land on our desks at GadgetHead Magazine. Maybe it’s just me, but I like nothing more than a sensible and highly practical product such as the CableBox Mini Station. I love a tidy desk and to have everything in order, so if you reciprocate these feelings with me, get one of these!

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Clutter-free solution

Ridges to hold phones & tablets