FeiyuTech KICA K2 Massage Gun



I don’t know about you, but lockdown has done a
number on me. Every muscle seems to ache these days – I guess that’s what comes from sitting comfily at home instead of in an ergonomic office chair! When your muscles are sore and you’re not allowed to go near anyone, a massage gun is an extremely useful gadget. The Kica K2 from FeiyuTech is an easy to hold, easy to use massage gun that can go a long way to loosening up those stiff limbs.

Advertised as a ‘massagist in your pocket’, this massage gun is, realistically, too large to carry around in that way (in length, it’s smaller than your average smartphone, but its shape still makes it awkward for fitting in a pocket.) However, it would slip easily into a bag or luggage, and it’s definitely a small and handy size.

Available in pink or blue, the K2’s brushed, metallic appearance is attractive, and its lightweight aluminium body makes it easy to wield. Not only is it light, but its size and shape have been designed with easy holdability in mind. Its handle-like shape gives you control over the massage gun, allowing you to reach the exact spots you need, including hard to reach places on your back.

The K2 comes with four different massage heads, each enabling different types of massage. There’s a flat head, which is intended for back, waist and other large muscle groups; a cylindrical head, which provides a deep tissue massage; a ball head for areas such as the leg, arm and hip; and a u-head for your neck, spine and Achilles’ tendon. This attention to detail is impressive, and as well as getting this variety, these massage heads are also magnetic, which helps to stimulate blood flow and supposedly ups the oxygen-carrying levels in your red blood cells, helps your metabolism and all sorts of other things – but I’m not a scientist, so don’t quote me on that!

 It has four speed settings: three speed levels ranging between 1200 and 3200 vibrations per minute, and a ‘Physical Therapy Mode’ that allows for intelligent, varying control of the speeds during use. As well as feeling out which setting works best for you, there is also some guidance given as to what the different speeds are for – for example, whether to simply stimulate the muscles, relax them or to burn away lactic acid.

The K2 has a 18 hour battery life, which is a fantastic amount for something that you’re going to use regularly, but only in short bursts at a time.

Personal hand-held massagers can have a tendency to be a little clunky, heavy or over/under engineered, but the K2 is a brilliant balance. It’s easy to wield, easy to use, and versatile in what it offers.


4 changeable massage heads
Magnetic massage heads
Easy to hold
18 hr battery life
4 speed settings

Not quite as pocket sized as described