Pixi Reusable Zip Ties – Blue Lounge

Setting up an office to work from home, you soon realise just how many wires you need to tame. I’ve found that trying to keep a workspace tidy whilst threading that many wires around is an uphill struggle, and it’s even worse when you want to unplug something and find the tangle they’ve gotten themselves into.

These reusable zip ties from Blue Lounge are simple and do their job. They remind me of the hairbands that manifested everywhere during my teens, from me and every other girl around me. They have a soft, stretchy quality that definitely makes them preferable to rigid plastic cable ties, in my book. They’re easier to use, and certainly more comfortable to use, and they don’t present the nightmare that the plastic ones pose when it’s time to undo them again. Each zip tie has a toggle that allows you to lock the tie in place, then with a simple press, to release it again – so much easier!

A box of these cable ties will give you a mix of ties – four short in silver and four long in black. They are also available in blue and orange, but not with the pack we received. The two colours make it much easier to find the length you need. These are an easy to overlook but extremely handy thing to have around in the office – especially if you’re working on perfecting your new set-up at home.


Easy to attach
Locks and releases
Two lengths
Colour coded

Quite visually noticeable