EKO Home– Aroma Smart Soap Dispenser

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Without a doubt, there is more caution heeded around cleanliness than ever before. With the pandemic that has played out since 2019, a lot of social norms have altered, and it is now common courtesy to use hand sanitiser throughout the day - especially when entering a public space or someone else’s home.

There are now various methods of attaining hand sanitiser. Some shops have an employee squirting your hands to avoid cross contamination via the hand sanitisers themselves, other shops let you apply your own and even though you are sanitising your hands, it is unnerving to know that everyone is touching the same nozzle on the bottle of sanitiser! Another method is simply to carry our own personal bottle, but the problem with this is that you must make sure you always carry it on you and must keep on buying more sanitiser once you run out!

A simpler solution would be to have automatic dispensers everywhere – in shops, offices, and houses! The Aroma Smart Soap Dispenser by EKO Home is exactly that. EKO Home use the most hygienic method of application – a touchless sensor. This means you do not have to worry about touching something where other grubby hands may have been. There are three different options depending on how much liquid you want to come out of the dispenser.  This is a choice between 0.8ml, 1.4ml and 2ml of liquid. An anti-drip feature also means you do not have to worry about cleaning up after any leakages!

A wonderful feature of the EKO Aroma Smart Soap Dispenser is that it does not require batteries. The dispenser comes with a USB cord and is fully rechargeable. If you are using the EKO Soap Dispenser in a shop or business with frequent usage, you can expect one charge to last around a full day, but if you are just using this dispenser at home for personal usage then you can get about 3 months of usage before needing to recharge it!

The EKO Aroma Smart Soap Dispenser is certainly a hot item on the market right now and is certainly relevant now more than ever. If you are being particularly cautious towards hygiene at your business or in your home, then this is a product you should think about buying.


Rating: 4/5


Touchless sensor
3 dispensing options


Battery life for frequent use