Urbanista – London Earphones

Product Link: https://www.urbanista.com/uk/london

RRP: £129

Urbanista have a habit of naming their earphones and headphones after major cities across the globe. This time we have the London earphones. Whether it’s punk, pop, or grime, London has been an influential city in the world of music for some time now. The London earphones play homage to the city in a fitting way – by being the best pair of earphones Urbanista have ever made.

The Urbanista earphones are impressive before they even make it out of the box. The case is neatly packaged with the earphones placed in a slot inside the charging case, and the USB charger and spare ear tips are within their own respective boxes. We received the midnight black pair of the London earphones, they are also available in white pearl, rose gold, burgundy red, and a dark sapphire. Each colour design is full of character and stylish, there is certainly an option for everyone.

There is no denying that Bluetooth headphones and earphones are saturating the marketplace right now. With so many options, how can you know which pair to buy? The London earphones by Urbanista achieve the fundamentals that you should expect from a good quality pair of earphones. They are fully Bluetooth compatible and very easy to set up on your phone or music playing device. The earphones work by easy-to-use touch control system, you can also use voice control if you wish. The Active Noise Cancelling means that you can keep out the noisy streets while maintaining the integrity and sound quality of your noisy music!

New and impressive features on the London earphones include the new Ambient Sound Mode. This is a great addition to the Active Noise Cancelling, as this helps keep noises out, whereas the Ambient Sound Mode can help you hear noises outside your earbuds! Ambient Sound Mode means that you can hear people around you without the need to turn your earphones down or pause your music altogether. This could be particularly useful if you use headphones in an office, but also need to make sure your boss can call you over without having to throw something at you to get your attention!

Another exciting feature on the London earphones is the wireless charging. If you already own a wireless charging pad for your up-to-date smartphone then you can use this to charge your London earphones.  However, if you are yet to become a complete gadget god then you can just use a USB cable like a normal person.

The London earphones are a very impressive product by Urbanista. They are still modest in price, especially when you bear in mind the power they possess. If you prefer a discreet earphone to an over-ear headphone, and value quality, then look no further than these.

Rating: 5/5


Ambient Sound Mode
Wireless charging