Ravemen CL06 Rear Light for cycles

www.ravemen.com   (UK distributor)

The CL06 from Ravemen is an intelligent rear light for your bike that senses when it needs to warn other road users of your presence, thus saving its battery whilst making sure you’re protected when you need it.

In between alerts, the device acts as a normal rear light for your bike, but whenever it senses your speed breaking or headlights approaching you from behind, it activates one of multiple flash modes to make extra sure that you’re visible to those around you.

50 lumens doesn’t sound like a lot, and you’d be right that it certainly couldn’t light your way like a front-light or torch (and good thing too!), but it kicks out an extremely bright and visible light. You don’t want to blind the person behind you, but don’t worry – you definitely won’t be missed. Four sets of COB LEDs kick out a bright and impressive amount of light, and their arrangement in an ‘X’ pattern further boosts how much this stands out when it flashes. You can easily select which of the many different flash modes you would like to equip using the rubber buttons on the side, and then, as you cycle, that’s the last you need to worry about it!

This light is as easy to attach as to use. A mounting clip and rubber mounting band mean you simply need to clip the light in and slide it on to the back of your seat post. The band is suitable for both round and aero seat posts, and you can even clip the light on to some backpacks and helmets.

The light is USB chargeable, so there’s no need to keep stocked up on those small disk batteries (I find that I never have any when I need them!) It’s IPX6 water resistant, meaning it’s safe to use in heavy rain, and it has one meter of impact resistance (so it should survive any butterfingers moments).

The CL06 was ready to use as soon as I opened up the packet – I was able to check out the light settings and put it to use straight away. However, even though it seems ready to go, I’d still recommend giving it a charge before your first ride, just in case. Once it has been charged properly, its battery life is fantastic - depending on which modes you have selected for it, its charge life changes as follows: 8 hrs on high mode, 18 hrs on low mode, and between 12 and 30 hours depending which of the four flash settings you select.

This little light is a step above a regular red bulb glowing away at the back of your bike. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and makes that extra effort to look out for you when you need it most.


Sensors for braking and approaching headlights
Multiple power and flash settings
50 lumens of light
‘X’ shaped lights grab extra attention
Attaches easily
Safe in the heavy rain