Sena Pi – Bluetooth Communication Headset for Helmets
Advanced noise control

Pi from Sena allows you to add a Bluetooth communication system to an existing helmet. Rather than buying a smart helmet that’s already wired up, you can keep your existing favourite and simply pop the Pi in to bring it into the modern age! This is really neat idea, and whilst the system isn’t cheap, it’s still a sure sight cheaper than buying a Bluetooth-capable helmet from scratch.

Pi has been designed to be compact, so that it is easy to add to any helmet, whether for cycling, skating or any other sports helmet with a strap width of up to 18mm. It is easy to use, just relying on two buttons next to the speaker, which can be clipped to your helmet straps.

Part of the Pi’s Bluetooth capabilities allows you to pair with a friend’s headset to form a two-way intercom. This beats speaking via a smartphone, as it takes up no data! The range is limited to 400m – more than enough if you’re on a ride or doing a sport together - with a talk time of six hours.

However, you can of course also pair to your smartphone, allowing you to listen to music or your GPS and receive longer-distance calls. The headset comes with Advanced Noise Control to counter sound such as strong winds – important when travelling at speed – to allow you to have a clear call, rather than the blustery mess it might be!

The controls on the headset itself are kept simple by having most of the options settable via the app. You can select options such as whether your headset’s output is set to being optimum for music or spoken word, as well as whether or not you’d like to be able to control the headset via (surprisingly reliable) voice prompts.

This headset was easy to attach and just as easy to pair. I was surprised by its audio quality even when I was on a bike, and felt far safer using this for my calls and music than when I’m cycling with earbuds in. You’re far more aware of your surroundings, and yet still get all the convenience and entertainment of your smartphone. The intercom system is a great little bonus when you’re out with a friend – provided they have one as well, of course!

Light weight
HD intercom system
400m range on intercom
Advanced noise control
Smartphone app
Voice prompts
Can hear your surroundings (unlike in earbuds)

Intercom requires friend to have a headset (would be nice if the box came with two)