Wacaco Picopresso coffee machine

RRP $129.90


We get a lot of stuff to review here, so when we receive a well-presented box, it stands out, and the Picopresso coffee machine did exactly that. The packaging looks and feels quality even before you see what’s inside: this soft-touch box opens to reveal individually foamed spaces for not only the Picopresso unit, but also a zip carry case, Tamper tool, instructions and much more.

Making a proper cup of coffee can be labour-intensive yet satisfying to a coffee lover. Years ago, I used to share a house with a French guy who each morning used a metal espresso coffee maker which he would add coffee and water to and heat on the gas stove. He would stand waiting whilst smoking his first cigarette, and this act would set him up for the day. He was as addicted to this routine as he was the coffee: I never understood his passion for the beverage until I tasted it.

I imagined that using the Picopresso would require more time and effort than just popping in spoonful of freeze-dried coffee into a mug and adding water. In fact, the instruction book gives a 23-step guide to using the machine! However, once I had used it a few times, I got it down to a quick method, but none the less satisfying. Without going through the full 23 steps, I will sum it up: add espresso ultra-fine coffee; tamper down; pre-infuse for 8 seconds, reaching a pressure of 9-12 bars, and then the luxurious liquid falls into your cup.

The Picopresso can reach a pressure of up to 18 bars, which can only be activated if you press a bottom on the side. This button isn’t easy to press itself – in fact, it is recommended to use two hands! This extra pressure intensifies the flavour so you can expect a rich, syrupy and balanced flavour.

you take the Picopresso on the go or simply want to save kitchen counter space, the fact that it is portable and far smaller than the average espresso machine is a huge plus. It is a compact unit, well-made and beautifully presented. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and would make an ideal gift for a coffee connoisseur.

4 out of 5


Great presentation

Fantastic flavour


Isn’t fully independent - needs a kettle for the hot water