Go Cube Edge

Product Link: https://getgocube.com/products/gocube-full-pack/

I have never solved a Rubik’s Cube. I am not proud of myself, but I am not ashamed to admit it either, surely I’m not the only one…right? I never owned one as a child, which probably didn’t help, and when I did get to use one – I had absolutely no clue what to do with it! Some of my school friends could do them quickly, though these same friends were A* students and part of the chess team. Logic has failed me in the past, but no more! The GoCube Edge provides you with everything to figure out one of the hardest toys ever made.

The GoCube Edge is a wonderful update to the traditional Rubik’s Cube and brings it forward into the 21st Century. The original name for a Rubik’s Cube was the Hungarian Magic Cube, and if anything, the GoCube Edge is the most magical incarnation of the famous cube to date! When the GoCube Edge is turned on, it lights up and an embedded inertial measurement unit tracks the orientation and position of your cube and transmits this to the smartphone app that compliments the cube via Bluetooth connection. The 3D tracking is truly phenomenal and is helpful when it comes to trying to solve the cube. Alongside the assistance to help solve the cube, you can also battle friends, assess your stats, and fight your way to the top of the global leader boards. You can really take your cubing to the next level.

If you buy the GoCube Edge Full Pack, then you get a lovely travel case, and a charging stand too. The charging stand is a lovely touch because even though it is just a game on charge, it also looks incredibly stylish and like it could be a piece of art on display in a modern art gallery.

As I know from personal experience, Rubik’s Cube can be fairly intimidating. If you don’t have all the prior knowledge to complete it on your own, then the GoCube Edge includes a tutorial so you will be solving the cube in no time!

 The GoCube Edge is a truly fantastic toy. Many younger children and even adults (like myself), lack the natural logical skill set to tackle a Rubik’s Cube without any assistance. This can be very off putting, and in the 21st Century when everything moves quick, the natural mindset is to simply give up. But with the assistance that is provided on the GoCube Edge, the Rubik’s Cube has made a successful leap into the modern age and will help encourage many people, young and old, to have fun and improve their logic!


RRP: $69.95

Rating: 5/5


Smart phone compatibility
Multi-player battles
Aesthetically pleasing
Travel bag & charging stand