Rubik’s Connected

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It is without a doubt that the Rubik’s Cube has already stood the test of time. Though it may not garner the same amount of hype that it did in the 80’s, they were simpler times, and it is still more popular nowadays compared to other fads such as pet rocks.

The popularity around the Rubik’s Cube has maintained enough that it warrants a World Cup of its own. The Rubik’s Connected was actually the partner of the official Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup 2020! This was won by Max Park of the USA; he completed his Rubik’s Connected Cube in a mere 5.9 seconds!

When you get your copy of the Rubik’s Connected, you probably won’t be able to complete it within 6 seconds. But fear not. The Rubik’s Connected will provide you with the knowledge to solve cubes within 1 hour. The Cube is Bluetooth compatible and can connect to the Rubik’s Connected App on your smartphone. Alongside learning resources, you are also able to battle against friends online and join global leader boards. The Rubik’s Connected has smart sensors inside it and these track all your activity, so you will be able to see how much you are improving, or not, at solving the Cube.

The Rubik’s Connected maintains the traditional aesthetic of the Rubik’s Cube. It has the same traditional design and feel and is still uses stickers for the colours. If you have an old cube from when you were younger, then you may prefer the Rubik’s Connected to the more modern looking GoCube Edge, as it will feel much more comfortable to use.

Overall, this is a lovely piece of kit. If you have worn out your old Cube and want to show the world how quick you are at solving the Cube, then the Rubik’s Connected is the perfect way to begin interacting with other Cube solvers and pit your wits against them.

RRP: $49.95

Rating: 4/5


Traditional design
Multi-player battles


No travel bag & charging stand