GameSir F5 Falcon Mini; GameSir Talons

Gaming accessories company GameSir were kind enough to send us a couple of goodies along with our F8 Snowgon and F2 Firestick [reviews here]. These gadgets can be combined with those products or used separately. We gave them both a go to see what they could add to our mobile gaming experience. The question – are these just gimmicks, or do they make a real difference?

F5 Falcon Mini

First, we tried out the F5 Falcon Mini gaming controller. This little device clips onto your phone, on whichever side suits you, and allows you to record your movements for little time bursts. Learning your commands during that time, the Falcon Mini will then repeat this series of commands or fired shots, giving your hands a brief break every time you do so.

Once you’ve recorded your firing rate, you can tell the Falcon Mini to either repeat this, or to randomly fire nine bursts. In a way, this all feels a little bit like cheating to me, but in essence, all it allows you to do it command your game in the way you want, with faster responses that you might be able to when controlling it manually.

This tool isn’t necessary if you use your phone just to noodle around on Animal Crossing or other such games, but if you’re in a shoot-em-up, it will certainly give you an edge. It’s easy to use and allows you to rest your fingers from time to time, achieving maximum effectiveness with a single click.


Small – doesn’t get in your way
Easy to fire
Attached easily
Fits on either side
Enhances gameplay
Easy to use

Feels a bit like cheating!