F2 Firestick Grip Controller

From the creative minds of GameSir, creators of many innovative accessories for enhancing your mobile gaming experience, we took a look at the Firestick Grip Controller.

We had previously tried out GameSir’s F8 Pro Snowgun [review here], so, to supplement the Snowgun, GameSir sent us the Firestick’s trigger accessories but not the grip itself. Therefore, I’ll mostly talk about these triggers and how they affect gameplay, as I had them paired with a different grip to the one they’re sold with. However, they’re still similar enough grips that I can talk on the awesome feeling of having your phone turn into a console-like handset.

These little accessories allow you to tap on either side of the screen without letting go of your ergonomic grip, whether it is the F2 Firestick Grip or any other that you own. These grips turn your mobile into a console controller shape, which is not only easier and more comfortable to hold, but also sends ‘It’s game time!!’ signals straight to the muscle memory. I found that it got me far more excited to do mobile gaming, rather than seeing it as the thing to do when my gaming console was occupied by someone else.

From this vantage point of having a phone that’s easier to hold, with your hands totally out of the way of your screen, you can further these advantages by using the Firestick triggers. Simple levers, they tap your screen for you when you press the triggers, with pads that the screen responds to in the same way as a finger (or even quicker and better). This allows you to fire far more easily than jabbing at your screen, and you don’t get in the way of your own vision. It’s all the ease of console playing! A simple, hardware-only solution, these Firesticks are all about allowing you to tap the screen in an easier, faster manner whilst being kinder on your hands and wrists.

Because this item is hardware only, it won’t be detected as a game enhancement by any security measures that might boot you out of the game for using software-linked items. Your account won’t get banned, no-one will even blink, but you can shoot faster and more easily in comfort.

The Firestick is a simple but brilliant idea. Its layout even makes sure to leave your phone’s ports clear, meaning you can still plug in headphones and charge etc. as needed whilst playing. This seemed unnecessary when I first saw it, but it’s such a game changer. If the games you play are compatible with this sort of screen-jabbing, then this grip will make your playtime far more responsive.


Ergonomic grip and triggers
Simple but effective
Easier on hands and wrists
Faster firing
Hardware only – won't get your account suspended!
Leave phone ports accessible