Geomag – Gravity Loops & Turns 130pcs

Product Link: Geomag – Gravity Loops & Turns 130pcs

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Geomag manages to do something that a lot of toy manufacturers struggle to do these days. They are able to combine play and learning at such a level that your children probably don’t even realise they’re learning! The Gravity Loops & Turns 130 piece set by Geomag is a wonderful magnetic construction set with all the pieces you need to make some impressive circuits to race spheres down which will keep you occupied for hours!

The Gravity Loops & Turns kit looks like the exact kind of toy I would have loved as a kid. It almost seems like a combination of having a Scalextric set and the boardgame Mousetrap. Obviously Geomag’s toy is much better though!

The Gravity Loops & Turns set is not just about fun. Putting together the circuits will require a level of patience and skill that is sometimes lacking in children, but an essential skill set for life. The set is educational when it comes to mechanical prowess, but also allows for an overwhelming amount of creativity as there are unlimited ways in which you could set up the circuit.

Endless loops and turns are complimented by some particularly cool features. There is a 360-degree loop within the set, plus a cannon that the sphere will shoot out of! Just don’t aim this at anyone who has crossed you!

Alongside being fun and educational, Geomag also make sure their toys are environmentally conscious. They proudly boast that the Loops & Turn kit is made from 74% recycled plastic. This is a great commitment as a company and hopefully others will take note and follow in Geomag’s footsteps.

Gravity Loops & Turns is a wonderful piece of kit that would be perfect for any children from the ages of 8 and above. Particularly those who love to keep their hands busy and don’t mind fiddling around of pieces when putting the circuits together.

Rating: 4/5


Recycled Plastics


A bit fiddly