Edifier TWS330 NB

Another reliable set of earbuds from Edifier, the TWS330 NBs are True Wireless stereo earbuds that feature active noise cancellation that uses hybrid active noise cancelling technology, AI call noise cancellation, an ambient sound mode – aka, pretty much everything you could be looking for when it comes to controlling what noise you hear, and what noise you don’t.

These headphones’ ANC technology worked brilliantly. I still don’t fully understand this black magic, but the important thing is, it works. The hybrid tech uses internal and external microphones to pick up ambient noise and create a reverse sound wave, effectively cancelling out the sound and producing quiet. This muffles down external sounds without blocking them outright, which is far safer than the simply ‘plug your ears up right’, physical approach to noise cancellation. You don’t want to be deaf to the world around you – you want it to fade from mattering, until suddenly It does. Traffic will always be important to hear, and with these, you can without it interrupting your tunes.

The headphones are similarly intelligent when it comes to canceling ambient noise out of your phone calls. Using AI, they separate your voice from the rest of the sound picked up by their mic, and edit the sound waves so the person you’re calling can hear you nice and clearly – not the cars and crowd around you.

However, what you CAN’T hear is only part of the point. The most important thing in any headphone is what you CAN hear. That’s why Edifier uses AAC Decoding to provide higher quality audio transmissions. The quality of the sound coming out of these little buds was brilliant – I was impressed at how rich and full of detail the sound way. There are headphones that enhance your listening experience and others that drop and lose details from the tracks – these are definitely the former.

As for the other essential details, these headphones have a fairly decent running time. The overall battery for the case can charge them for up to 20 hours, which is a brilliant amount, though they only have about 5 hours per charge themselves. This is still a perfectly decent amount, but is less than some of their competitors. However, with the charge case’s brilliant battery length, this shouldn’t ever even become a factor. Their quick charge is pretty good as well – ten minutes of charging will give you an hour of playtime, which is useful if you’re caught short. Again, it’s not the best total we’ve seen, but it’s up there.

One details in these earbuds that I’ve not encountered much in the past is their brilliant Game Mode, which takes the latency down to as low as 80ms. If you’re doing some serious gaming, you want your immersion, and more importantly, your life-saving audio cues, to be spot-on. This usually means needing to use wired headphones, but not in this case.

These buds are light and comfy to wear, though they’re not my favourite of the earbud shapes. But, we all have different ears and different preference, so that’s just me. What is universally good news is that they’re IP54 dust and water proof, which keeps them safe from sweat, rain and wear-and-tear.

These headphones are available in black or white, with matching charge case.


Detailed, rich sound
Comfortable to wear
Brilliant hybrid ANC noise cancellation
AI call technology
AAC Decoding
Good battery life
Dust and water proof

A little too light – didn't feel as secure as some for me, but that might be my ear shape