PMD Clean Pro

The PMD Clean is a facial cleanser that combines smart technology with the traditional method of the anti-age jade roller. Using vibrations and a head of silicone bristles, it is about to break down dirt and oil on your skin, letting you press in deep and really get into your skin to make it clean. Meanwhile, other vibration settings can be used on the jade flip-side of the head to send either gentle or intense pulsations through this supposedly anti-aging massage. Whether you believe that jade helps with anti-aging or not is up to you – I've always been skeptical, but it’s so widely used for this purpose that you have to stop and wonder.

This device produced vibrations at 7000 per minute, which means it able to lift, firm and tone the skin. Much like an electric toothbrush, it’s a strange sensation at first, but unlike an electric toothbrush, it’s also quite relaxing and invigorating at the same time. After all, the PMD Clean Pro massages your face, which relieves tension and also gets the blood flowing around it. Even better, it uses heat technology to further wake up your face and break down dirt particles, which makes it an even more pleasant experience. I found it’s a fantastic way to wake yourself up in the morning and tackle the day feeling fresh.

We receive the PMD Clean Pro in white with a golden/marble design. It is also available in navy with Gold Finish; teal with a brushed aluminum finish, or berry with a rose gold finish. I thought this was a attractive range of colour options, and was particularly fond of the one we received. You can’t go wrong with a marble and metallic look.

This device is rechargeable and, you’ll be pleased to hear, given that it’s used for cleansing your face, waterproof. It also doesn’t require replacement heads, as the head you own can be cleaned, and both the silicone and jade should last indefinitely.

To get the best results out of the PMD Clean Pro, I followed the company's advised steps: first, rinse your face and apply cleanser, then rinse the PMD. Then, use its Smart Cleansing settings – ideally, modes 1 or 2, which are a gentle or intense version of the cleansing vibrations. Then, dry your face and massage in any serums before switching to the jade side and massaging your face on modes 3 or 4 – gentle or intense vibrations for the anti-aging process.

The device requires three hours to fully charge, but it doesn’t need a full charge before it’s usable. In fact, even if you use it daily (which is the best way to get its benefits), it only needs charging every two to three weeks, which is excellent news.

I haven’t been able to use this device long-term enough to be able to speak for its anti-aging properties. However, my skin has looked and felt firmer in the short-term, and the silicone side of the head is fantastic for getting clean. My skin feels so much better than usual, and it’s amazing how much this can affect one’s overall mood.



SonicGlow™ Technology
ActiveWarmth™ Heat Therapy
Four modes
Easy to hold
Attractive colours
No replacement heads necessary
Leaves you feeling clean and revived

Highish price