VibroLegs by VibroShaper

After lockdown, does anyone else find they’re aching a whole lot more than they used to? I wasn’t exactly free from aches and pains before the pandemic, but after 18 months sat at home, working from my less-than-ergonomic chair, everything seems to hurt. In particular, my feet are much sorer and more tense than they used to be – I guess because I just haven’t been walking the distances I used to (even though I’ve still gone out for daily walks). Long stretches of inactivity followed by sudden long bursts of activity just isn’t the same as a normal day’s walk-about, and the impact has stacked up. When it arrived, therefore, as you can imagine, the VibroLegs by VibroShaper was already starting to look pretty good to me.

The VibroLegs offers various perks: it massages the soles of your feet and vibrates your feet and legs in order to destress them and soothe your muscles. Working out knots in your feet can relieve far more than just foot pain – it can be the key to fixing aching muscles all the way up your legs, so it’s not to be underestimated. The VibroLegs does this using a range of acupressure heads that work to ten different massage pressure settings, from something gentle and relaxing to something much more deep-tissue. A great bonus is, you don’t just need to use this with your feet – you can lay it under your calves too! I found that a foot massage followed by some vibration under my calves worked really well in combination to release and then ease away those aches and pains.

Another bonus of the VibroLegs’ oscillation is the exercise it provides. If you’re not easily able to get out for your exercise, then using the VibroLegs allows you to get that work for your muscles whilst sitting at home. There are three automatic training programmes already in the device, so it’s extremely easy to use. The vibrations will help to strengthen your muscles as well protecting your joints, ligaments and bones. It even improves your blood circulation. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t going to turn you into an athlete whilst you sit, but if you’re not able to be as active as you’d like to be and you’re worried about the effects, then the VibroLegs can counter that and give your muscles and bones the stimulation they need. You can even supplement this workout with the stretch bands provided.

The VibroLegs from VibroShaper offers a range of benefits to your health and comfort, and is extremely easy to use. It even comes with a handy remove to let you adjust its settings. Whether you’re highly active and therefore need to soothe your tired legs after a long day, or you’re less active and therefore want to keep your body moving in a manageable way, the VibroLegs can provide.


10 massage settings and Exercise and Massage Plan
Soothes and destresses muscles
Can be used on feet or calves
Exercise that helps muscles, tissue, bones, joints
Improves blood circulation
Remote control

I could go for a less conspicuous colour