LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet

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RRP: £99.99

There’s nothing much smarter than wearing a helmet when you are riding a bicycle. Even if you think you’re the best cyclist in the world, you need to remember that some drivers are complete idiots on the road, and their mistakes could cost you your life. The only thing that is smarter than wearing a helmet when cycling is, well, wearing a smart helmet!

The Gadget Head team has been very fortunate to receive a copy of the brand new EVO21 Smart Helmet by LIVALL. It won’t be released to the public until October so we are going to give you very special run down of what you can expect from the helmet before it hits the shelves in a few months.

The EVO21 Smart Helmet was funded via an Indiegogo campaign by LIVALL and it absolutely smashed the financial target. Knowing what this helmet can offer…it’s hardly a surprise. As well as being aesthetically pleasing (coming in black, mint, purple or white), the EVO21 is packed with features that will allow you to cycle safer than ever. The first noticeable features are the front and rear lights on the helmet. The front of the helmet has a white light, and the back has a red safety light that covers 270 degrees around the back of your head. You can also attach a device to your handlebars that will allow you to indicate left and right with the lights on the back of the helmet, very impressive!

Some of the more common features of helmets are very impressive on the EVO21 as well. The shell of the helmet weighs in at an ultra-light 350g so if you are taking it out on a long ride, you won’t feel a strain on your neck after a while. The helmet is fully ventilated which will minimise sweating but not allow you to avoid that inevitable helmet hair. The EVO21 is fully waterproof too so you are covered from all angles!

It is a tough subject to talk about, but helmets are there for one reason, accidents. Hopefully, you will never have to use this next feature on the EVO21. The Helmet comes with a built in SOS system that connects to your smartphone, and in the event of an accident the helmet automatically calls 999 for you, as well as providing your geolocation to the emergency services. This is probably the most important feature I’ve ever seen added to a helmet. Unfortunately, a helmet can only do so much in the event of an accident, and if a dangerous driver comes round a bend on a countryside road and hits you at 70mph, then you might not be in any state to use your phone. And then if it is a hit and run, what hope do you have? With the EVO21 by LIVALL, you are prepared for the worst, which is the least you can do if you value your own life.

This is the safest and most useful helmet that we have had in the Gadget Head office so far. I have no doubt that these will be flying off the shelves by the time it comes to the release in October. Good job, LIVALL!!!

RRP: Pre Order for £99.99 (Available November 2021)

Rating: 5/5


In-built lights
SOS system