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The pandemic has halted everyone in some way or another. And it was no different for Helite. The B’Safe Cycling Air Vest was meant to be released way back in 2019 but was unfortunately thwarted by Covid. Hopefully, the future is kinder to Helite and to the B’Safe air vest itself, as this could prove to be a very important piece of cycling gear for those avid to get back on two wheels.

Safety is paramount on a bicycle. Even if you think you are the most competent cyclist ever, you must be very wary of your fellow motorists who share the roads with you. Even if you are wearing a helmet, you can still be susceptible to very serious injuries on a bicycle in the event of a crash. A safety vest like the B’Safe Cycling Air Vest could be a lifesaver in the case of this happening. The B’Safe looks like a normal hi-vis vest (available in either yellow hi-vis or black), but after a collision it will inflate and provide crucial protection to your neck, thorax, and back too. The vest inflates within 80ms so it is guaranteed to keep you safe. The sensor in the vest that protects you is part of an electronic system inside it, so you will have to make sure you are recharging the vest with the USB charger provided. Fortunately, the sensor stays charged for a whole week so you will only need to recharge once a week, maybe on a Sunday evening before recommencing the weekly commute.

The B’Safe is certainly not cheap. Not that you can put a price on your safety or your life. That said, the B’Safe is clearly targeted at those that value extra protection whilst cycling. Anyone who commutes through a busy city could do with this extra protection, and if you have recently converted to the use of an E-Bike, then you will most definitely require protective clothing, particularly now you can hit up to 25mph on your bicycle with a motor! The pandemic may have halted the release of the B’Safe, but it could have been a blessing in disguise. Cycling was pitched as a safe, responsible, and social-distanced way to enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown months. Many people took up cycling and have continued to use their bicycles post-lockdown, the industry has experienced a mini-boom, and hopefully this will be a huge benefit to Helite.

The depressing thing about safety equipment is that you don’t truly value it until it saves your life. If you have experienced a nasty incident on your bicycle before then you will be well aware of the dangers on two wheels, but you are an older cyclist getting back into it and aren’t used to the perils of the road whilst riding a bicycle or E-Bike, then you will definitely need the B’Safe air vest as well as a suitable helmet for your future commutes!


RRP: £690

Rating: 4/5


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