We have had a pretty rubbish summer so far: a few hot days here and there mixed with rain, cold temperatures and even snow - typical England. Because of this, we have rather shamefully neglected our back garden, but I was still surprised by how over-grown it had become when I finally dared to venture out there. Due to living in rented accommodation, we are limited to what we can do with the space, so it remains a rather boring gravelly rectangle with very little sunshine, where even lavender will die. This doesn’t stop the weeds, however; dandelions dominate the landscape, interspersed with nettles and dock weed - not the ideal setting for a BBQ.

Now, my partner and I will always try to find the easiest possible way to do any kind of household chore, and when we saw the Camping Gaz garden torch it seemed like the answer to our problems. Due to the high population of cats in our area (plus two of our own), I don’t like using chemical weed killers, so this seemed like a great alternative. The GT2000 PZ Garden Torch has a wide rectangular shaped burner ideal for covering more ground. It is light-weight, only 480g, so it is easy to use for extended periods of time without your arms aching. It features a piezo ignition and adjustable flame, ergonomic handle and uses a replaceable Garden Gas CG3500 GA cartridge that comes included.

The flame temperature reaches 1800°C, but it’s the pressure that makes this torch slightly less effective than it could be. I’m not saying I want to run around with an army-grade flamethrower (well, I kind of do), but a little more power would make weeding with this a quicker job. It worked well on one the creeping weeds and the smaller stuff, but the more sizeable dandelions probably held too much water for the torch and it took ages to get anywhere.

Our final thoughts are that if you keep on top of your garden, this is probably a quick way to weed, and it is a useful tool for tricky spots like brick weave or paths. However, if you are like us and let it go wild, it is probably still more effective to weed the old-fashioned way. RRP £27

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3.8 out of 5



Easy to ignite and use

Includes gas cartridge


Not powerful enough

Time consuming

Not effective on bigger weeds