Let’s face it, cleaning sucks. It can hard, physical work that no else appreciates (they would certainly notice if it’s not done, however) and it seems to always need doing. The very least we can do to vanquish these tedious chores is to ensure we have the right tools for the job.

The Karcher K7 is a compact pressure-washer that can be used on bicycles, gardening machines, tools, garden, patio or balcony furniture, fences and smaller garden paths or flagstones, motorcycles and scooters, small cars, external staircases and larger garden paths, medium-sized vehicles and estate cars, garden and stone walls, mobile homes and 4x4s, swimming pools and patio surfaces and everything around the house and facades. Is there anything it can’t clean? Yes, your face, if you want to leave it intact.

The K7 measures up at 378(L) x 291(W) x 516(H)mm and weighs just 15.8kg without accessories, but don’t let its small size deceive you, this is a powerful pressure washer with 20 - 180 bar / 2 - 18 MPa and a max flow rate of 600. This device has a water-cooled motor and has been created for frequent use removing stubborn dirt around the home. It has been equipped with two carrying handles and an improved telescopic handle for portability. When it is not in use, it can be easily packed away neatly into a small space thanks to its compact size. The hose, cable and accessories can all be stowed on board - the hose has been designed to prevent twisting, is highly flexible and, at 10m in length, is very convenient to use.

There is an included Vario Lance that can adjust the pressure with a simple twist and also a quick connect gun and dirt blaster with a rotating point jet, which can be used to remove stubborn dirt without leaving a residue.

The Karcher Pressure washer K7 Compact is a powerful piece of kit that makes light work of grubby chores. It is straightforward to use and surprisingly satisfying to watch the dirt get blasted away. You might even in find yourself enjoying it. RRP £399.99

4.5 out of 5

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Compact storage

Anti-twist 10m hose

Easy to use


Water-cooled motor

High performing

Telescopic handle

Integrated hose, cable and accessory storage on the device