With so much talk about kids leading increasingly sedentary lives its important to find fun ways to get them moving that they don’t lose interest in it after 5mins. The Morfboard is a rather unique set up that lets you morf from one configuration to another. We received the Morfboard Skate/Scoot combo which is the starter pack, from here you can add extensions that are sold separately (Bounce Xtention and Balance Xtention), allowing for a low-cost introduction to building new skills. The Skate/Scoot comes in four different colours Chartreuse, Cyan, Lava and Mint, the MorfBoard itself if the only board you'll ever for all the Xtensions, it connects with the extensions via a simple LRT (Lock and Release Technology), all you need to do to attach the Xtensions is to just drop them into the board and turn, the flex trigger then securely locks in place and you are ready to go.

The Skate Extension has 53mm wheels with ABEC-5 performance bearings and solid aluminium alloy trucks, this means they can perform grinds, the deck which is included with the combo has reinforced rails for durability and a built-in coring pattern for grip, it is shorter than a full-size skateboard which makes it ideal for younger riders, it has a wide, 8-inch deck, and larger, softer wheels, produces is stable and responsive ride, making it a good introduction into the world of skateboarding. The secondary set is the Scoot configuration, which features an extended wheelbase and a patented, lean-to-steer front truck, and making it easy to carve, the extra fat wheels make cornering a breeze. The fully adjustable, wide handlebars and pressure foot brake give you precise control over speed and steering. The Morfboard is well made, easy to use and heaps of fun, once they master the combo functions they can move on to the balance or bounce options to keep them entertained and active for days to come.  $99.99

4.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Multiple configurations

Low cost

Solid build quality

Simple to switch Xtentions

Good introduction into skateboarding and scooting

Easy to manoeuvre