Petromax is a brand most associated with high-pressured lamps, but these people are obsessed with anything that glows and includes fire; more specifically: how to harness the power of the fire to cook a kick ass dinner.

The Petromax Dutch Oven is made of cast iron and has a plane bottom surface, designed precisely for cooking and baking in the great outdoors. Cast-iron has been the go-to material of choice since the 18th century - the combination of durability, excellent heat storage and distribution makes for a highly reliable cooking implement. The pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) makes a first seasoning unnecessary, and this sturdy Dutch Oven can be used straight out of the box. The Dutch Oven can be used on an open fire or with charcoal and briquettes. It features raised edges around the lid which make it possible to put embers or charcoal on top of the Dutch oven, thus heating it from the bottom, sides and the top for an even bake.

This oven has a 11.5L capacity (providing meals for up to 14-20 people), whilst the lid has 3.5L capacity. It measures up at 39(L) x 42(W) x 20(H) and weighs 14.7kg, so it is more suited for home cooking and glamping then a daytrip or festival. The Dutch Oven features a sturdy handle for easy lifting and has a handy thermometer hole so you can check your food’s progress without removing the lid and causing the heat to escape. However, when you do need to remove the lid, you can use the Petromax Lid Lifter to ensure protection against the heat. The lid has feet on it to keep it raised from the ground when not on the pot and has also been designed so it can be used as a skillet or platter for more cooking and serving versatility. With the Dutch Oven, you can be as adventurous as you like with your cooking: it is capable of everything from your basic noodle dishes, stews, curries as well as cakes and even bread if you are feeling brave enough.

The Dutch Oven 12 QT takes you back to a simpler way of cooking and provides both a delicious (and massive) meal, as well as a great sense of achievement. RRP €104.99

4.5 out of 5

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Pre-seasoned surface for immediate use

Notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling

Dutch Ovens can be stacked

Plane bottom surface and feet on lid

Thermometer Hole

Lid that can be used as skillet or a platter

Large capacity


Very heavy