Whether you are exploring new countries or walking through your home town or city, there will always be that small percentage of people who are on the look out for any opportunity to help themselves to your belongings. The RiutBag range comes from the mind of Scottish born, Sarah Giblin with the aim of ensuring the utmost security whilst you are out and about by designing all the access points to lay up against the body.

The R15.3 is an all-purpose standard sized backpack suitable for daily commutes, overnighters and air travel carry-on, with a purpose-built compartment that can house a 15” laptop along with its 15 litre capacity. The sturdy bag is rather weighty at 1.23kg when empty but it is handmade with a thick black waterproof Cordura and anti-abrasion TPU as well as EVA and foam padded straps. The main compartment opens all the way round suitcase style and has a bright yellow lining which helps you locate smaller items, especially nearer the bottom of the bag, the double zipped 15" laptop compartment is lined and cushioned with strong Lycra to protect your laptop. To keep your gear organised there are zipped inner mesh pockets, an extra compartment for holding documents straight, separate top pocket, zipped D-pocket at base of spine for access to mobile phone and passport on the fly, as well as a trolley suitcase strap and adjustable, removeable chest strap, large comfortable top handle, top loop for hanging, and four attachable reflective RiutBands for high-visibility are included in the price.

The 15.3 also has two external 750ml bottle holders built into the sides of the bag so when loaded up it doesn’t add to the profile of the bag; the downside is that theses compartments take up space inside the main compartments even when they are empty. There is the option of purchasing an attachable and removable waist strap, which is rather cheeky when you are already spending £119 on the bag so surely that could be thrown in, it provides extra support and stability for cyclists and long-distance travellers.  The RiutBag has a great high-quality look about it, it is well made with plenty of padding that makes it comfortable to carry around for long periods of time, all that padding, and lack of ventilation means you will probably end up with some attractive sweat patches on your back. We love the high security it provides by keeping all the zips out of sight, but it does mean accessing your belongings may take a little longer, the straps and fabric is also quite stiff which can make access a bit more awkward, but this might soften up over time with use. RRP £119

Current Cheapest Price

4.6 out of 5


High security


Adjustable, removeable chest strap

Airline carry-on safe

Looks great

Bright yellow lining

Lots of pockets

Tough, durable construction

Integrated laptop back and bottle pockets


Water bottle pockets take up interior space

Waist strap sold separately


Rigid materials