There is nothing that has quite the same impact on the quality of your day as a bad night’s sleep and the last thing you need when trying to participate in what should be an enjoyable hobby is to be ruined by a semi-deflated air bed or lumpy uncomfortable foam liner. The SP C-Tech Bedchair from Solar Tackle has been created to provide you with a comfortable space to sit whilst fishing and then sleep comfortably in the great outdoors when you haven’t managed to catch anything for over five hours. When I read the term ‘bed chair’, I thought it would change from a flatbed into a sit-up chair but it only sets up in the flat configuration, this isn’t an issue as I would rather it does one thing well than try to do too many things half-heartedly. For starters this thing is a bit of a beast at 12.9kg, it is super bulky and not the easiest thing to carry around (says a 5’3” person) so it is best suited for the sort of locations you can park up nearby and intend on sticking around for a little while or it might not be worth the hassle.

This flagship bedchair is constructed from durable, high-quality materials, with a strong high-tensile aluminium frame that features a unique Spring-Loc leg-adjustment mechanism and twin-pivot hinge system. This leg system means you can create a flat sleeping surface even if the ground underneath you is bumpy, the entire bed is so easy to set up: simply unclip the buckle (the strap helps to keep the bed compactly folded when not in use), pop out the legs and unfold the head and feet section, it couldn’t be more straightforward. The 3D DuraDore air-pocketed mattress is spongey and comfortable whilst the super-soft, suede-padded edging all round means you can fall asleep on it without a sleeping bag or sheet. The bed provides a good amount of lumbar  support with zero sagging, it is springy enough to assist in rolling over and getting up, you can lay comfortably on your back, sides or front. The chairbed comes with a detachable bag with lots or organising pockets that securely hooks onto the side of the bed, providing a handy, place to stash your phone, wallet and midnight snacks. The SP C-Tech Bedchair is a durable, functional and comfortable chairbed, even if you never even take it outside it would be handy to pop up in the living room if you had a guest to stay it is that good quality. RRP £309.99

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4.5 out of 5


Super comfortable

Good size (205cm x 80cm)

Generous lumbar support

Adjustable feet for uneven terrain

Easy to set up

Handy detachable bag

3D DuraDore air-pocketed mattress