The Spinlock Deckvest Lite and Lite+ are suitable for fast craft, RIBs, power boating, sail boating, paddle sports, fishing, open powercraft, etc. Basically, if there’s water and you’re not meant to go in it, the Deckvest Lite/Lite+ has got your back…and chest.

The difference between the Lite and Lite+ is simple, the Lite+ comes with an integrated deck safety harness with a soft loop for safety line attachment. Now that complicated explanation is out of the way, the rest of this review will treat them as one and the same.

The Deckvest Lite/+ have been created to be a compact and lightweight life vest to ensure you are free to move about naturally without restriction whilst keeping you save in the event of going overboard. So, hold tight as we dive deeper into the extensive functions that make up this life vest. Starting with the most important feature - the UML Mk5 Inflator - it is water sensitive and will automatically be activated when submerged. It uses a compressed paper capsule which dissolves when wet, which then releases a spring to puncture the CO2 cylinder. The cap has been designed so that it will only activate when water is flowing upwards through the unit when you are going down into the water. This means you don’t have to worry about spray, rain or even your coffee running down the jacket. As we mentioned before, the Lite/+ has a low weight at just 860g. It is easy to put on thanks to the side donning and single crotch strap with recessed clip. There is a toggle attachment point for a Chest Pack and the Optional Pylon Light, a high intensity, water activated flashing LED Light on a 23cm flexible antenna wand gives improved visibility above your head and the water.

Other extras include the Lume-On, which provides lifejacket bladder illumination lights, a sprayhood to reduce the risk of secondary drowning and the RescueMe AIS MOB1, which can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or supplied integrated within a Deckvest. You can convert the Lite/+ to manual only activation with the manual conversion kit and by registering to ‘Through Life Support’, you extend the product warranty to five years.

The Lite is available in five colours: Black, Pacific Blue, Tropic White, Grenadine Pink and Flow Green, but the Lite+ is currently only available in black. The Lite is CE Approved and has ISO 12402-3 Lifejacket (170N) approval, whilst the Lite+ is additional ISO 12401 Deck Harness approval. You can’t go wrong with the Deskvest Lite and Lite+ thanks to the premium build quality, slimline profile, light weight and fast activation in an emergency. RRP £129.95 (Lite) & £139.94 (Lite+)

5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price



Slim profile

Comfortable design

Premium build

Automatic inflating lifejacket (with manual conversion kit)

Easy side donning

Toggle attachment point for Chest Pack

Optional Pylon Light, Lume-On, Sprayhood and RescueMe AIS MOB1