Yes! it is BBQ season, time to burn both your dinner and your skin whilst getting steadily more drunk in your back garden, pure bliss. The Pulse 2000 Grill from Weber takes some of the stress out of dining alfresco by using electric to grill without the hassle of lighting the flames, choking your friends and family with smoke for 15mins before trying to accurate place your food over the hot parts of the charcoal. Best suited for urban environments like small gardens, balcony’s or patios in built up areas, you won’t upset your neighbours by sending plumes of smoke all over their washing, its also good for impulsive dinner (ideal with our unpredictable weather) due to its quick start up time and zero risk of running out of fuel. The Pulse 2000 comes with the option of including a cart, making it portable with its all-weather wheels as well as providing some extra storage with three utensil hooks and an open storage rack.

The features of the Pulse 2000 include a clear LED display that shows you an accurate temperature, there are two grill heating elements that can be individually controlled via the temperature knobs (low, medium or high) and will both produce up to 2200 watts of power dual heating elements, which lets you toast a burger bun on one sides whilst searing a steak on the other. Everything comes with an app these days and the Pulse is no different with the integrated iGrill digital thermometer, you will need an iGrill probe (sold separately) to take advantage of this function, this means you can monitor your food temperature (use up to four iGrill probes at one time) and spend more time with your friends instead of hovering over the grill.

The Pulse 2000 has porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates that heat quickly, retain and evenly distribute the heat whilst leaving those beautiful BBQ streaks on the food. There is a pre-heating indicator which lets you know when its ready to use with a tone, whilst the Grease Management System prevents flare ups from dripping fat by funnelling them away into a drip tray. Other features include a tall lid, easily removable components for straightforward cleaning, a 49 x 39cm grilling area, that’s roughly 9 burgers, a side table, glass-reinforced nylon handles and integrated clip for safe routing of cord. The Pulse 2000 Grill is an excellent summer companion, don’t let the jump from coal to electric put you off as the flavours were simply fantastic, as well as being, quicker, cleaner and more reliable I don’t think I will ever go back to coal again. RRP £699

5 out of 5

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Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grates

Integrated iGrill technology

Dual Zone Grilling

Grease Management System

Easy to clean

Electronic temperature control

Digital Thermometer with LED display

Removable stainless steel side table

Pre heating indicator