Have you ever been editing a photograph you have been particularly proud of, thoughts of where you will put a National Geographic award and who to thank in your acceptance speech floating around your head only to have your dreams dashed when you print out an image that looks nothing like it did on the screen, colours harsher, image darker whatever the issue it’s a frustrating problem that can easily be avoided with a tool like the Spyder5Elite. Even when using the same brand of monitors, they do not automatically produce the same colour display, so you can spend hours editing an image to perfection when what you see isn’t really what you will get in the end, the Spyder5Elite is a monitor and projector calibrator which makes sure all your equipment is singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak. The Spyder5Elite is simple to use, download the software follow the set up instructions and then simply pop the lens cap off and use it as a counter balance to hang the Spyder over your monitor and then calibrate, easy as that. There are soft pads around the lens to protect your screens and the lens cap keeps the sensor protected when not in use. A cool little feature we like is the Room Light Monitoring sensor on the outside of the casing which continually measures lighting conditions in your environment and alerts you if there’s been a change among five ambient light levels, you can then choose to either modify your calibration settings or adjust your room lighting. With a “Before and After” evaluation of your results in full screen mode using your own photograph you can really see the difference and make sure you get the most out of your work. The Spyder5Elite allows you to either work through the step by step wizard or use the Expert Console to give you control over grey calibration, unlimited choices for gamma, white point and luminance. The software allows you to compare the range between displays and standard colour spaces, analyse and graph luminance and colour uniformity, map tone response curves, and measure and graph display accuracy against SpyderCHECKR colour targets. The Spyder5Elite is a good calibrator, it is well built and easy to use, you can have as little or as much control over the settings as you need. RRP €257.04

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Datacolor Spyder5ELITE - S5EL100

4.5 out of 5


Easy to use

Suitable for serious photographers and designers

Wizard, Interactive Help, Expert Console, Suite of Expert Features

Room Light Monitoring Sensor (5 Ambient Light Settings)

Fast Recalibration

Suitable for Laptops, Desktop Monitors, Front Projectors & Studio Match Assistant


To get the very best from your Spyder5ELITE you do need a wide-gamut monitor/display

No extra protective case for when it isn’t in use (I’m sure for the price they could have provided a hard shell case)