The Flir One is a clever little gadget that turns your Android or IOS device into a thermal infrared camera. The Flir One actually uses two cameras to capture two images before the MSX Technology merges them together to create one detailed image with thermal information, the Lepton™ camera, the most compact long-wave infrared sensor available, takes a thermal reading and the standard camera provides the physical detail in the image. The Spot Meter tool will offer you an estimated temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius which could prove a useful diagnostic tool for example overheated or overloaded circuits or locating drafts in your home. It has its own battery which will last about an hour so you don’t have to worry about it draining you phone, it is also a lightweight addition to your phone weighing a mere 78 grams and its compact design (7.2cm x 2.5cm x 1.78cm) means you can easily slip it in your back pocket between uses. The Flir One can capture both photos and videos and has a variety of options and effects to play around with, time-lapse videos, panoramic images, MSX blending, colour palettes and share functions are just some of the choices that the device and the Flir One app have to offer. We had a lot of fun pointing this around the house too see wear the heat escapes, checking the temperature of our dinner and playing find the cat outside in the bushes (it was our cat we weren’t being too weird). The Flir One does come with a hefty price tag but this is probably one of the best thermal cameras out there on the domestic market, it is high performing and most importantly a reliable camera that could be a small price to pay if you could use it for work, my friend is a heating engineer and he was excited to hear about the product as he said it could save him time finding faults. As a fun gadget I wouldn’t shell out the money for it but if you have a genuine need for thermal imaging this is a great product that’s well worth the money.

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4.5 out of 5


It has its own battery (charger included)

Merges two images together for detailed information

Gives estimated temperature readings

Takes stills and video

Comes with a variety of useful features


High price tag