The FLIR ONE Pro uses ‘VividIR’ thermal image processing that lets you see with greater detail any problem with precision, and allows you to check that the issue has been fully resolved and reassure the customer. Suitable for inspecting electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or finding water damage. The new ‘FLIR ONE’ app requires a sign in, which enables automatic warranty registration and access to all the latest updates from FLIR.

This compact device (68mm W x34mm H x14mm D, or 2.7in x 1.3in x .6in) weighs just 36.5g and attaches to your iPhone device via the lightening connector. It has a 4x improvement in thermal resolution and ‘VividIR’ image processing. It allows you to see in more detail and measure smaller components from farther away. The ‘FLIR MSX’ feature provides a detailed thermal image: by merging two images together and using the edge details from the regular image and embossing it on top of the thermal image, you will know exactly where the thermal information is relating to.

The FLIR ONE Pro uses an Expanded Measurement function which provides you with a range of temperatures between -4°F and 752°F (-20° to 400°C). It has up to three spot temperature meters and six temperature regions of interest, and also gives you an added on-the-go image analysis and reporting capability. The FLIR ONE Pro works with the upgraded ‘FLIR ONE’ App, it is smartwatch compatible, unlocks additional ‘pro’ camera features to give the best image possible, includes in-app Tips & Tricks videos, and is compatible with ‘FLIR Tools’ for easy reporting right from your smartphone.

The FLIR ONE Pro isn’t perfect: it takes a little while to boot up, and has its own battery so as not to drain your phone…but the battery doesn’t last long, plus it gets quite hot when in use. The FLIR ONE Pro is compatible with some phone cases due to an extendable connector, but this doesn’t feel very sturdy when in the phone and I don’t think it would take a lot to snap off. All things considered the FLIR ONE Pro is a handy tool that provides clear and useful images. However, I think it needs to up the build quality to warrant the price tag.

RRP $399.99

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Detailed thermal imaging


FLIR One app, automated reporting and spot meters

Measures temperature -4°F and 752°F

Sharp images


Short battery life

Flimsy connector when extended