The Escape HD5W is a waterproof HD action camera which aims to give you high quality images at a reasonable price, it offers up to 12 mega pixel photos, 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps HD Video recording, built in Wi-Fi and a 2” LCD display screen that can all be safely tucked away in a protective waterproof case suitable for depths up to 30metres. The wide angle lens gives you a 170degree image which means you don’t have to worry about moving about to keep your subject in the frame, it will take up to a 32gb SD (not provided) that will give you just over 2hours of video footage or around 4,000 still images. The 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery gives you about 90min of constant recording on the highest setting, it can be removed so if you are like me and are a bit of a PhotoPhile I would buy a second battery for the Escape just to make sure you never get caught short with a dead battery but it isn’t a necessity. You have a lot of control images as the escape give you lots of options to play with, movie size, resolution, exposure, ISO, white balance, sharpness and file type options at your control. The Escape comes with loads of attachments and straps for every adventure and the protective case performs well under pressure however if the lens cover does become scratched it is removable and replaceable. The images you get from the Escape are clear and detailed, the anti-shake feature help keep things smooth and focused, the sound is tinny as it so often is with these types of cameras and it’s even worse underwater, the playback of underwater videos produces a constant buzz but the picture quality is nice and clear, capturing colours (other than blue) reasonably well. The Kitvision doesn’t provide you with an SD card or a case which would have been a nice touch, especially to keep all attachments in one place, using the menu can be a bit of a pain as you have to remember whether it’s the shutter button, mode button or the scroll button to press.  I found removing the camera from the waterproof case a bit fiddly you need to grip it with you nails to slide it out, another niggle was that you have to enter the main mode selection every time you want to change from photo to movie, a quick change button would be a better option you also can’t take stills whilst it is in video mode which is a shame. I think you get what you pay for with the Escape, it is not professional quality as much as it isn’t bargain bin quality it fits well in the middle, so to round up the sound is poor, the functionality is so so but the image quality is good. The Escape would suit accompanying you on holiday a couple of times a year but if you are looking for something to use every weekend I would advise saving your money for a better model. RRP £99.99

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4 out of 5


Clear pictures

Built in Wi-Fi provides good connectivity

Strong case

Control over image quality (white balance, ISO etc)

Light weight 58g

Comes with a variety of attachments and straps


Poor sound quality

SD card not included

No case included

Entering mode selection to change from video to photo is a hassle