What could be better than an inkless printer that can bring your photos to life? A Harry Potter inkless printer that can bring photos to life, just like the portraits in Hogwarts Castle but with the help of an AR compatible app instead of magic - I know, I’m sorry, but it’s the closest you can get to becoming a wizard right now. This compact little printer is smaller than some smartphones at 11.9 x 2 x 8.1cm and weighing just 181g thanks to its predominately plastic construction, however it feels durable enough, it is available with White or Black Faux Leather finish which looks good.

One feature no Potter fan will be able to resist is that you can personalise your printer with one of five included metal medallions that sit proudly on the front of the device in its own little integrated slot, I had Hufflepuff medallion (yes, I’m a puff, the common room is next to the kitchen, it’s a no brainer) before I even knew what the printer was. It comes with one pack of ZINK Photo Printing Paper which contains 10 sheets with a peel and stick back, the Lifeprint requires no ink and works by ZINK Technology that uses heat to produce the image so no need for expensive ink cartridges, just expensive paper (30 sheets for $19.99). Now for the touch of magic, once you have downloaded the app and registered the device you can create your image, take a photo and you can edit it with Harry Potter themes stickers, you can then add your AR Video and play with the AR facial filters (including Harry, Mad-Eye Moody and Luna’s Spectrespecs), you then send the image to the printer.

The finished photo is good quality with bright colours and clear detail, you then hold your phone with that app open over the image and watch your photo come to life, it is quite magical. There is the added option of connecting with others in your house and printing your photos directly to each other's printers from anywhere in the world, there will be privacy implications with this feature that may put people off, but this can all be adjusted in the settings. The app isn’t the most intuitive but with some dedicated practise (think of it as a Muggle Studies Class) you will get to grips with it, it is pricey to top up with paper but a fun and original product that Potter and AR fans will enjoy. RRP £149.99

4 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Clear, bright images

5 metal house badges

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

AR brings the image to life

Good construction

Print straight onto friends printers anywhere in the world


App is a little convoluted

Pricey refills