Part of the joy of exploring the great outdoors is the chance to see incredible views and wildlife, the second best thing is capturing those moments and showing off to your mates on social media, the downside to this is you will need to throw some extra gear on your back for the trip, but don’t worry, Lowepro has you covered.

The Whistler BP 350 AW is a versatile and rugged bag, specifically made to protect your camera on adventures in the wilderness, its generous capacity and adjustable MaxFit dividers will house a Pro DSLR with up to a 150-600mm attached lens, plus 3-4 extra lenses, for example a Canon 5D Mark iii, with 24-70mm, 70-200mm f/2.8, 16-35mm and 50mm lenses, a GoPro video camera, as well as your outdoor gear and personal items.

The Whistler is jam packed with useful features to assist you in your adventures, it is constructed from a waterproof and abrasion-resistant 420 denier TPU coated rip-stop nylon outer shell with heavy duty attachment points for skis, tripods, trekking poles or even a snowboard and you can still access your belongings at the same time. If the weather gets really nasty you can always deploy the detachable All Weather AW Cover for protection against rain and snow (even dust and sand storms). If you get caught in the rain you can store your wet things in a large expandable Wet Gear pocket which has a waterproof barrier and drain holes, this could also be used for rope or crampons for example. The zip pulls are large and glove friendly, the base is made from Hypalon which is extremely tough, waterproof and long lasting, so you don’t need to worry when you put the bag down.

There is space for your personal items in a quick access top pocket with a high visibility orange interior and an extra zippered pocket with key leash, the hinged back panel allows access to gear without opening the entire zipper and exposing all your things to the elements. The rigid camera box with spindrift cover is fully removable so you can dry out the entire bag between adventures, or simply use it as a full backpack, whilst the pocket dividers maximize your space and lets you organise your smaller items like an action camera whilst the roomy front pocket expands to fit outdoor gear. As if that wasn’t enough the Whilster is also wonderfully comfortable, the ActivZone harness system and back panel provides you with stability as well as ventilation, the hip and sternum strap help distribute the load and lets you have free range of movement at the same time. I could be here all day singing the praises of every clever little detail, this bag is so usable, its provided answers before you have even come across the problem, a must have for any outdoor adventure photographer. RRP £326.95

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5 out of 5


Very comfortable

Attractive design

Packed full of features

Premium construction

Robust and weatherproof

Ski, pole, snowboard attachment options

Wet Gear pocket

Plenty of pockets to keep things organised

Protects you valuable camera gear