This tough little cookie comes from Peli who are known for being behind some of the world’s toughest cases and create virtually indestructible cases that are used by military and emergency services. The 0915 can hold 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards, it has a compact, slim profile of 141mm x 83mm x 22mm and internal dimension of 122mm x 57mm x 14mm, it is suitable to fit in your bag or pocket. There is a loop at the top of the case that can be used to fit a keyring too, we attached a carabiner style clip to it, so you can attach it to a bag or belt for quick access, but nothing is included.

This case has an automatic pressure equalisation valve and is made from a tough scratch resistant polycarbonate resin that has an IP rating of 54; just in case you are not clued up on your Ingress Protection rating system this a means it has a limited protection against dust (that’s one off from fully protected) and is protected against splash water from any direction, in other words what we would consider water resistant. This is helped by the rubber ‘O-ring’ seal that runs around the closure, on the inside there is a thick foam lining that individually hugs each card and keeps it in place, with a little cut out that allows you to get your finger in and easily pop out the card, it also acts as a shock absorber in the event of a bashing. The wonderful thing about Peli is the Lifetime Guarantee which states, “You break it. We replace it, forever.”. The 0915 does exactly what you want it to and to an excellent standard, it can handle rain, dust and a bit of a kicking without disturbing the cards inside. RRP £24.28

4.9 out of 5

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Water and dust resistant

Shock absorbing foam lining



Large Capacity 12 SD cards, 6 Micro SD and 6 Mini SD