Peli has an excellent reputation for protecting your precious cargo in super-durable and tough cases, and the 1560 is no different: with two strong and secure double-step latches and rubber over-moulded handles, one on the side and one on the top. This case is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring your delicate camera gear is always protected from the elements and is rated IP67. It also has the ‘Peli Lifetime Guarantee’: if you break it, they replace it.

The pick 'n' pluck foam set is available for the case which lets you to create an interior specifically tailored to your gear, or you can use a padded divider set or the ‘TrekPak’ divider system which are also compatible. This is a large case which measures up as 228x560x455mm exterior and a 516x390x265mm interior. As well as dust and waterproof the 1560 is also corrosion-proof, crushproof, has a waterproof Buoyancy Maximum of 47.17kg, Stanag 4280 / Defstan 81-41 certification, IP Rating 67 and security padlock hasps, all at the surprisingly low weight of 7.71kg empty, 9.07kg with foam.

The 1560 isn’t going to win any beauty contests, although it is tough and scratch resistant we found that it doesn’t take much force to scuff it up. This adds to its tough appearance and doesn’t affect the performance but could bother the more ‘precious’ consumer. The 1560 has an automatic pressure equalisation valve to ensure the appropriate pressure inside the case - the latches are easy to open but the hinge to the lid is stiff, the rubber ‘O-ring’ seal ensures no water or dust will creep in through the seams. The retractable handle is difficult to operate, as it takes an awkward manoeuvre to pop it out and doesn’t retract smoothly, which can slow you down when on the move. The handle itself also doesn’t appear to be very strong and bends quite easily. The wheels provide an effortless movement however they are a little small, which makes moving up and down curbs more difficult.

All in all, the Peli 1560 is a trusty companion to keep your gear safe and protected. I would like to see improvements to the wheels and handle to make travel slightly easier, but other than that it is one tough cookie! £196.56

4.7 out of 5

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Automatic pressure equalisation valve

Easy-open latches

Waterproof and dustproof

Rubber ‘O-ring’ seal

Solid design



Small wheels

Retractable handle difficult to operate