The M20 is not only SJCAM’s smallest camera but also their first action camera that can be controlled remotely. The camera can easily be attached to your wrist, selfie stick or a bikes handle bars.

 The M20 is lovely and compact, measuring 1.58×0.903×2.124in and weighing only 55g, but don’t let its small size fool you. This action camera has an adjustable FOV (field of vision) allowing you to shoot wide (166°) medium (150°) and narrow (70°). The camera also features Distortion Correction, which delves to flatten out the fish eye distortion you get from using a wide angle lens; with not much avail it must be said.

The 2.5K action cam records up to 2160p, 2880x2160P 24FPS in either MOV or in MP4 via its Sony IMX206 16 mega pixel sensor. It will also shoot photos in RAW as well as JPEG, giving you complete control over editing. The product comes with a fully waterproof case (that can be used up to depths of 30M) and a nicely designed selfie stick, plus loads of attachments for sticking it to your body, helmet, tripod, dashboard, clothing, bike or even a drone.

 The cam connects to your device (Android or iOS) through its own built in WiFi Preview and connects to the TV with the HDMI TV-output mode. The Gyro stabilization rounds out bumps and shakes and gives you a clearer picture; which works surprisingly well if you are out mountain biking for example. On a slight down note, the camera struggles in low light and under water. The remote works really well but didn’t come with any instructions (nothing a quick online search couldn’t amend).

We found with our particular sample that when in the waterproof case, the power button didn’t line up with the button on the camera, resulting in us having to take it out each time to turn it on. This proved very irritating, not sure if the problem was with the overall design or just this model.

All in all, there is a lot of cool features all packed into this tiny camera; much more than I would expect for an action camera in this price range. With loads of accessories to get you recording in every situation, the M20 really is a solid investment. RRP $119

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4 out of 5


16.35mp Sony IMX206 sensor

Built-in Gyro Anti-shake Stabilization Sensor

Slow Motion: -2X, -4X, -8X

Adjustable Wide-Angle View Lens – Adjust between wide, medium, narrow

1.5 inch LCD Screen

RAW for taking photos

Fish-eye distortion corrector

Underwater case (up to 30m)

Lots of attachment accessories

Selfie stick

Remote control


Doesn’t work well in low light

Waterproof case power button doesn’t line up with the camera