Forget selfies, pictures of your cats and breakfast, this is a serious accessory for serious photographers. The ROTABALL-DPH from SUN-SNIPER is a double harness with ROTABALL connections featuring two free spinning steel ball-bearing ROTABALL connector, two back and neck friendly SHOCK-ABSORBER and two connectors blocking BLOKKER to prevent any accidental unscrewing. Safety comes first when you have ££££’s of gear hanging off your body, there are invisible slash proof steel wires integrated into the straps and well as included insurance you should feel safe in the knowledge that your gear will be securely attached at all times.

The ROTABALL-DPH has generously padded shoulder pads and around the neck with a switchable shoulder pad for right/left handed users, it has been ergonomically designed and fully adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes for men and women. This harness uses SUN-SNIPER new ROTABALL connector, with a mono/multiball bearing that allows for completely free swivelling of the camera to point it in any directions, the BLOKKER, prevents the movement of your body and the camera from accidently unscrewing, you do not want to watch your pride and joy hit the fall mid shoot.

There is a unique SHOCK-ABSORBER that prevents damage and pain in your back and shoulders from the weight of the camera, this works well and ensures you remain as comfortable as possible and keep your balance whilst taking photographs. However, people are sneaky, what if you are concentrating on getting the perfect shot and not paying attention to the person creeping up behind you with a pair of scissors, well that is where the invisible STEEL-CABLE comes in, the cutter-crasher as it is known, makes the straps slash proof to prevent chancers running off with your gear, for added piece of mind SUN-SNIPER covers your camera for up to $1,000 in the unlikely event that a thief does manage to cut your strap. The swing LIMITER, does exactly as it says and prevent the camera from swinging backwards during fast movements and clonking into people or walls, the ROTABALL-DPH has been stress tested and recommends using gear up to the weight of 5kg and you can rack up to 3 cameras, two on each side and one on the chest. The SUN-SNIPER ROTABALL-DPH is very well made with a high quality finish, you can confidently trust it to keep your cameras safe until you need them. RRP £129.99

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Safety Rotaball Connector



Safety Cutter Crasher



Swing limiter