The Think Tank Airport Helipak is available in 3 models, the DJI Phanton, DJI Inspire and the 3DR Solo, we will be taking a close look at the 3DR Solo model. Think Tank have provided so much more than just a protective carry case with the Airport Helipak travel bag.

The bag has a specific area for the drone, controller and charging pack but then there’s plenty of room left over for a 7” monitor, spares, action cameras, DSLR’s or whatever else you need. The inside of the bag is kitted out with Velcro dividers so it can be completely restructured to suit your individual needs. The blades do need to be removed when packing the drone away but Think Tank have provided some protective rubber caps to keep the threads safe whilst the blades get stored away in a pocket on the inside of the lid of the bag. The front pocket has space to carry up to a 17” laptop and tablet as well as having room for your pens, smartphone, wallet or any small essentials in the organiser pocket. On 3 out of 4 sides there are carry handles, 2 lovely thick padded ones (top and left side) with a thin strap on the bottom to help you grab the bag from an overhead compartment. On the right side, there’s a deep pocket for a water bottle (I just wished they had snuck in another strap on this side to make it easy to grab from any angle). On the back of the bag there’s some generously padded shoulder straps (with elasticated pockets and D rings for extra storage), the very same we have become used to seeing from Think Tank.

It doesn’t matter how much gear you stuff in this bag it remains comfortable to carry on your back even during some of the longest commutes. Yet another practical and innovative design by the smart minds over at Think Tank. RRP $199.99/ £183.98

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4.7 out of 5


Comfortable to wear

Lots of storage space

Carry-on baggage compliable

Attached rain cover