Have you ever been snorkelling in some beautiful, exotic location - immersed in the world under the sea, only to have the magic shattered by accidently inhaling three pints of salt water and surfacing spluttering for air in front of a beach full of holiday makers? It can’t have just been me, right? The Ameo Powerbreather Sport does more than let you freak out tiny fish (although this is a bonus), it allows to you breathe more naturally and focus on your swimming without having to turn your head or clear the snorkel.

The patented ‘Ameo Fresh Air System’ is what makes the Powerbreather unique. Unlike traditional snorkels where you inhale and exhale through the same tube, the Powerbreather lets you use two completely separate channels, ensuring that only fresh air enters your lungs and the valve technology prevents water from entering so you don’t have to remain conscious of receiving a lung full of water. It was a surprising game changer!

The Powerbreather Sport comes with protective zip up case; the ‘SPEED VENT’ Vent has the optional extra of adding resistance for respiratory training; the mouthpiece can be adjusted to bring the D-Tubes into a comfortable position and the head strap keeps everything secure. The Dual Tubes are shaped and directed for intake of breath only and prevents the chance of exhaled air containing CO2 from being breathed back in.

When first learning to use the device give yourself a few minutes to adjust, remaining still in the water and then progress into your normal swimming routine. Soon enough you will wonder why you ever swam without it, it is comfortable to wear in the water and you can just power through as hard and fast as you like for as long as you like, or simply float about taking in the view. RRP £70.00

5 out of 5

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Straightforward to use

Ameo Fresh Air System


Suitable for freestyle, breast, butterfly, side stroke and flip turns



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