The SPEEDairo cycle helmet is available in either black with white details or white with red detail, it comes in sizes medium (54-58cm) or large (59-63cm), it has been created for fast-paced training and races. The SPEEDairo is packed full of features however one of the stand-out qualities is the optional usable SPEEDmask with VAUTRON automatic visor, included in delivery; not only does this protect you from the wind and sun, it offers a wide field of view and excellent visibility without distortions whilst the VAUTRON automatic lens adjusts automatically to varying light conditions, getting darker in bright sunlight and lighter as the light conditions lower.

The visor folds up out of the way when needed and can be adjusted with one hand, ideal for passing through darker areas, tunnels for example, it is compatible with glasses and has a durable construction to protect it from scratches and impact. The SPEEDairo has a vent system to combine both aerodynamics and cooling, making it suitable for long distance and hot rides. The SPEEDairo has a contactless fit due to the tended net on the wearer's head. This increases the comfort and allows for constant air flow around the head whilst generating thermal dissipation, the air channels guide air flow letting you optimise your speed by allowing the air to pass over the helmet smoothly. Constructed with a polycarbonate double shell the SPEEDairo has ‘Disk Fit Vario’ for both horizontal and vertical to get that precise, ergonomically perfect fit.

The Monocoque-Ultra keeps the profile tight whilst ensuring safety, the Casco-Loc fastening is easy to adjust and can be opened quickly with one hand, and once you have the size adjusted to your needs it will remain that way so you don’t need to readjust each time. With the MyStyle customisation system you can personalise your helmet with 21 colour variations to match your bib with colourful, interchangeable stripes that also provide 360° visibility thanks to the integrated reflector strips. The SPEEDairo is a high performing, comfortable helmet suited for long rides, training and races, the automatically adjusting visor allows you to focus on the ride without being distracted by bright lights or the evening drawing in. RRP €250

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4 out of 5


VAUTRON automatic visor

Adaptive aerodynamics


Double Shell

Disk Fit Vario

Fresh Air Ventilation 2

Casco-Loc fastening

Fast automatic adjustment

Optical class 1, self-cleaning, anti-fog and hydrophobic lenses

Comfortable and cool