Lino Dainese first saw the “ton up bikes” whose riders wore the first set of leathers in 1968 after a trip to London on his vespa, on his return to Italy he decided to dedicate his life to designing and producing protective apparel for motorcyclists.

The first product was released just four years later which was a pair of motocross trousers, after over 40 years of research and collaborations with riders Dainese now produce a huge range of apparel and accessories for motorcycling, cycling, winter sports and horse riding. It is easy to remember the obvious areas we need to protect when getting on a bike, you grab your helmet, waterproof jacket and padded shorts but what about your hands, with your hands moving very little during the ride and hitting the elements first it is easy for them to get very cold even on warmer days.

The Tactic Gloves come in a large variety of sizes from XXSmall up to XXLarge, this is great for someone like me who has the hand size of a toddler and often finds even size small gloves are too large. They come in one colour, black, with a red silicone screen print on the palm, this provides a funky look but better than that is it aids your grip on the handle bars. These gloves slip-on easily and have a flexible microinjected outer knuckle pad, it has a very close fit which lets you move your hands in a natural way thanks to the reduced bulk whilst the weight is kept down to just 50g.

The Tactic gloves have a one-piece palm construction to ensure there isn’t irritability from seams and the minimalistic design lets your palm have the closest possible contact with the handlebars. Their flexible micro-injected outer knuckle pad protects your hands from trailside obstacles without affecting mobility of your fingers, these gloves keep your hands warm and protected during the ride. The Tactic gloves are lightweight, flexible and comfortable you will find uses for them on and off the bike. RRP £34.95

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4.5 out of 5


High strength synthetic fabric palm

Micro injected knuckle inserts

Silicone screen print on palm for better grip



Just 50g


Not waterproof