Not everyone can afford the luxury of a personal trainer accompanying them on every workout, so that’s where VI comes in! Your personal AI training, and fitness tracker comes built into a set of Bluetooth sport headphones that has an advanced in-ear heart rate monitor to ensure you are getting the most out of your work out. The VI has been crafted to be a companion for running, walking and cycling, and uses sound by Harman Kardon. It can perform tracking, training, play music, monitor your heart Rate, you can even get real time audio feedback by saying "How am I doing?" The headphones are lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear, they stood up well against a rainy run, you can connect to the free VI fitness app to get started, set your goals and customise your preferences, you can use your phone for quick feedback at a glance during your workout and afterwards review your progress. The app was easy to use with clear displays. The sounds quality is really good, clear and crisp, with enough bass where you need it, the voice commands are clear, the voice is a real human female voice, she has an American accent and is a little too cutesy and upbeat for my liking but that’s because I’m a cynical git. If you are out on a run you will still need to take your phone with you, together the VI can track heart rate, elevation, steps, cadence, motion, and location, the happy voice will encourage you to keep you in the right zone to complete your goal. It can be used with Spotify (or your own music) to keep you motivated. My favourite thing about VI is the actual headset, they are so snug and comfortable and when you are just using it them as  headphones the sound quality will impress, the AI P.T side of it would be good for beginners, the heart rate seems as accurate as a wrist monitor, however it is limited to running, cycling and walking at the minute. I would love to see more exercise options like weight training and HIIT. RRP $199.99

4 out of 5

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Comfortable headphones

Great sound quality

Adjustable feedback

Voice commands

Accurate heartrate and fitness tracking

Easy to use app


You will still have to take your phone out with you

Limited to cycling, running and walking

Bit too basic for advanced runners and cyclists