There seems to be a bit of an issue with the men I work out with and the idea of exercise leggings, I guess as there is a lack of leggings for men in everyday high street fashion they are worried that putting a pair on will result in the Dude Police rocking up and revoking their male membership. It was only after pointing out that the buffest and most muscly PT in the gym wore leggings that I managed to persuade one of them into giving it a go and, albeit wearing shorts over the top, he realised how much better it was to work out in them. The ¾ RUSH Leggings come in black and grey (light grey, almost white), if you are little self-conscious or this is the first time you have reached for a pair of leggings then the black might be a better place to start, or wearing a pair of shorts over the top as the combination of the lighter colour and compression fit doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, although when you appreciate the performance qualities you will probably start to care less (or more!) about how all your lumps and bumps look.

These leggings are available in sizes XS up to XXL and, as previously mentioned, feature a compression fit, this provides support to the muscles, improves blood flow, and rids the legs of lactic acid build up which can improve both performance and recovery. This ultra-tight, second skin design also prevents chafing and eliminates pressure points, and the ¾ design provides extra ventilation around the lower legs as well as creating an athletic and stylish overall effect. These leggings can be used as a base layer or a single layer, the material is stretchy enough to allow you complete freedom of movement, the encased elastic waistband had a raised jacquard texture and sits comfortably against the skin. There is strategically-placed mesh panelling on the outside of the hips and on the inside of the leg from the knee down for extra ventilation and the inseam measures up at 48cm, it could be improved with a pocket for a door/car key and potentially a drawstring although the leggings remained firmly in place throughout our testing. These tights feature a mineral-infused fabric that aims to absorb and reflect the energy back into tissues and muscles; it’s difficult to tell if this had and effect or if it was the compression fitting or simply the fact they tried leggings for the first time, but our tester said they felt a notable improvement of their endurance and strength as well as appreciating the comfort and freedom of movement. RRP £50

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4.8 out of 5


Compression fit

Mineral-infused fabric

Mesh panels for strategic ventilation

Encased elastic waistband with raised jacquard texture


Stylish look

Zero chaffing or pressure points


No pockets