The UA Vanish Seamless ¾ Sleeve is a rather unique piece, the mid-length sleeves give you a little bit of warmth without getting in the way, it is available in Blue, Red or Gray, we like the red best as it stands out from the crowd. This top features levels of mesh mapped to your body, for vast amounts of ventilation where you need it the most, it also has fewer seams to prevent the skin from becoming irritated during vigorous activities. It focuses on comfort by laying next to the skin without becoming tight and restrictive, the fourway stretch construction allows you to comfortably raise your arms above your head so you can perform everything from a squat press to jumping jacks with ease. The material is very soft on the skin and the thin, lightweight material remains comfortable whilst you get your sweat on, during the cool down this top will dry out quickly, suitable for most activities as a base, top or mid layer. RRP £42

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4 out of 5


Unique ¾ sleeve length

Soft knit fabric

Mapped out mesh ventilation

Nearly sew-free construction

4-way stretch construction

Wicks and dries quickly