Myzone is a workout system that combines the joys of sweating your bits off with modern technology, to ensure that you are correctly sweating the right bits off with the right amount of effort. No matter if you are seasoned sports pro or it the first time you have put on a pair of trainers, Myzone helps you feel confident in your exercise. The focus of the Myzone system is ensuring that you are in the right heart rate zone by using the Myzone MZ-3 chest strap to measure you heart rate (equiv. to an EKG at 99.4%), and converts this information into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

The MZ-60 is the newly launched Myzone watch that works with Myzone MZ-3 chest strap (it will not work without it) and acts as a screen to give you the heart rate feedback directly without requiring you to keep you phone on you. It has been designed with a retro, classic sports watch feel. The buttons are a bit stiff and unresponsive and the strap is quite hard against the skin, but the small watch face means it didn’t dominate my little wrists like most smart watches. It is available in two sizes, with either a 40mm or 44mm face. It displays Heart Rate, MEPs, calories and effort in real time, as well as having a 24 hour or 12-hour clock, stopwatch mode (stop watch/count down timer/interval timer) and alarm. This watch has a sweat-resistant strap and is water resistant to 30m. It is also cell battery operated, so you don’t have to remember to charge it up.

The MZ-60 pairs quickly and effectively with the MZ-3, letting you see metrics in real time with a flick of the wrist, leaving your hands free to lift weights, dangle off the pull up bar, or grab as many chocolate bars are you can. The MZ-60 isn’t a necessary accessory for a Myzone work out – its build quality could be better, with a more intuitive interface. However, it is a convenient way to keep a close eye on your performance in real time and could give you the motivation to push that little bit harder during your workout. RRP £44.99

Current Cheapest Price

3.5 out of 5


Two sizes available

Live heart rate data display

Streamed directly from the MZ-3

Cell battery operated

Easy to connect to MZ-3

Lets you train smartphone free

Water Resistant


Poor build quality

Limited features

Awkward menus

Unresponsive buttons