Withings have recently been bought by Nokia, and our first review of the new brand is the Nokia Body Cardio Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi scales. This scales offer you a comprehensive picture of your health just by stepping on; they provide readings on weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage and muscle and bone mass, as well as cardiovascular health via heart rate and pulse wave velocity,, which is recognised by the medical community as the best stand-alone indicator of overall cardiovascular health.

The fat mass percentage shown by the scales can help anyone understand overall health, whilst the muscle mass percentage lets you see how you are improving if you are trying to tone up. The water mass reading shows you how hydrated you are and whether you are retaining water, whilst the weight reading will accurately provide your weight accurate to 0.2 pounds. The companion Health Mate app lets you set goals, view your progress and receive tips, and the app also partners with over 100 other top health and fitness apps.

The Body Cardio has an attractive, slim design at only 0.7 inches thick, available in black or white. It has a solid aluminium base and no feet - it works just as well on hard floors as it does on thick carpet. The Cardio has a Pregnancy Mode, Baby Mode and will recognise up to eight users automatically, and each will have their data independently synced to their Health Mate profile. The Body Cardio charges via a USB plug, but sadly only the cable is included, so you will need to have an adaptor at the ready. However, it is easy enough to set up and use, and there are even little arrows on the screen to correct your posture whilst weighing in. Overall, the Nokia Body Cardio is informative, the display gives clear results, and the scales are encouraging to use. RRP £149.95

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4.4 out of 5


Heart health

Full Body Composition

Automatic synchronisation

Attractive design

Easy to use

Recognises up to eight profiles



No plug adaptor included