This year we have had an unbelievably long and hot summer, thanks global warming (just kidding, we all know it’s not real and made up by celebrities to sell more movies) but sooner or later all good things come to an end and its time to bring the winter clothes out of retirement. There is nothing quite like good old-fashioned exercise to help fend off the winter blues and with items like the Weather Shirt from ON Running you can ensure you look cool whilst you keep warm. Available in Storm/Navy, Stone/Shady and Navy/Black (the sample we received) in sizes S-XXL, as well as women’s designs Storm/Navy and White/Grey in sizes XS-XL. We will be focusing on the men’s version in this review.

The Weather Shirt is a long-sleeved, breathable Weather-Shirt that is created to be a year-round shirt, to keep you cool on chilly mornings or throughout the winter, made from a highly breathable fabric with micro-ventilation-patterning that aims to make the shirt like a second skin, that draws the moisture away from the skin and pushing onto the outer layer of fabric to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. The combination of yarns also help to provide the perfect amount of warmth, keeping you at a cosy temperature before you set off and as your body warms up, the shirt breathes to keep a regulated temperature, even when you push it hard (although you may want to roll your sleeves up or unzip the collar for a little extra ventilation). The Weather Shirt has a stretchy, flexible fit thanks to the Polyester/Elastane combination, it feels smooth and soft when worn directly on the skin and is thin enough to layer up without creating bulk and ensuring you still have a full range of movements.

Moving on to pure vanity, we loved the a-symmetrical design of the Weather Shirt, there is a large zip pocket on the chest, due to potential jiggling around and rubbing of item we would much rather see a smaller pocket on the back, however it was ok to use for a single door key, tissues or handful of sweets (forget gels we are all about the jelly babies). Other aesthetic features include the laser-cut ventilation in the back, the adjustable V-neck collar mould, there is a pretentious little label about how being cold isn’t really being cold or something (we are too uncultured to understand it) which will only bring ridicule and confusion from your workout pals. Pointless labels (how about swapping that for a high vis panel) and awkwardly placed pockets aside, we not only loved the look but found it a versatile piece, a flexible and breathable single, base or mid layer suitable for a comfortable outdoor workout. RRP £10

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4.5 out of 5




Warm when you need it



Thumb loops to keep hands warm

Attractive design

Adjustable zip collar


Large front pocket might be better suited at the rear or reduced in size

No high vis