The Orange Whip Putter is a training aid to help golfers improve the putting skills, whether they use long, smooth strokes or short and sweet movements, each putt should be the same to ensure it meets the centre of the ball to achieve the best results.

"While caddying on the PGA Tour, I was fortunate to watch the best players in the world practice putting, and see how they performed in competition on the greens.   Those who had the best (repeatable) rhythm were the most successful, and tended to make the most putts.  Also, because of this consistent stroke, they were more capable of striking the center of the face and allowing their Putter to perform it's best.  Use of the Orange Whip Putter will make every putter perform better!"  Jim Hackenberg, PGA 

The Orange Whip is 34.5in, weighs 1.85 lbs and has been carefully engineered to improve both the tempo and the centre contact with the ball - this is crucial for a successful game. The energy is transferred to the ball from the putter and if it doesn’t connect with the sweet spot at the centre of the ball, it will have an impact on the angle the ball rolls off on. The weight of the putter head has been combined with the proven counterweight, whilst the flexible shaft system allows you to confidently feel the swing’s motion and the balance of your putting arc.

The Putter has been designed with a dual sided spherical putter head, therefore it can be used either right-handed or left-handed, this helps to teach centre-striking of the ball and lets you receive instant feedback as to whether you have hit the sweet spot or not. The counterweight balance helps to stabilise the stroke from start to finish, this is essential for you to get the feedback on your tempo and balance with each stroke. Lastly the flexible shaft promotes both tempo and rhythm in your stroke by producing the perfect pendulum-like motion, when the putter makes contact at the lowest point of the arc it will deliver the most energy to the sweet spot, which in turn creates the perfect end-over-end roll of the golf ball.

It looks a little different from your usual putter and the grip is also a bit different from most regular putters, but don’t let that put you off! Once you have it in your hands, it becomes familiar and will highlight your flaws loud and clear. The Orange Whip Putter helps you nail the vital point in your game and develop a consistently perfect putt time after time, so that, when you are back on the green, you will have seamless form. RRP $119.00

4.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Intuitive to use

Counterweighted flexible shaft system

Dual sided spherical face

Interchangeable shaft position for right and left handed

Dual sided face for standard and pro training.

Trains putting rhythm and tempo

Improves distance and direction control


Unusual design could put people off